pic: jessjank WAI

As usual, I spent my 2014 Championship (and Alamo Regional) running around with a radio earpiece on, trying to make sure all my volunteers were taken care of throughout the event. Loved every minute of Championships. On to the off-season!

What is this off season you speak of?

From one of the Volunteers that Jess, Karen, Hannah, Dave, and Laurie, took care of at St. Louis I would like to say, “THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!” Being part of this well-oiled volunteer FIRST machine is amazing! Teams would thank me as they walked through the Pit doors and all I wanted to say was, “No, thank you for being here and sharing this awesome experience of FIRST at its finest!”
My personal opinion…I think that EVERY team that is participating should send a least one volunteer to help at any of the competitions. Volunteering WILL change how you react and feel. After 16 years of being fiercely competitive I now see the other teams as compatriots instead of opponents… it’s a beautiful thing. Gracious Professionalism is not just a saying anymore it IS how we all work together.
Make FIRST Loud by Paying It Forward.