pic: Jester Drive:Mecanum Wheel Drive Train

The wheels themselves dont turn in order to achieve translational movement, that is one of the major advantages. The direction of motion is determined by the speed and rotation of each individual wheel.

Ken, would you mind sharing the CAD drawing of your Mecanum wheel? I need one for a project I’m working on.

Thanks, pablos.

What is the outer diameter at the widest and thinest point or your roller? Also what kind of shaft (matierial, width, length, nut/end connector) did you use to hold it all together?

to anyone who is savvy with these mechanum wheels,
could you maybe put together a white paper on these?
i know it might take a while to put together, but it would sure be helpful.

1072 is working on one for the offseason.

Our requirements are - easy manufactureability (ie nothing more than a rotary table, manual mill and a lathe… ), high traction (via gum rubber rollers, we’ll have to see about this one) and efficiency (split wheels)

We’ll see how it goes, and if it goes well, we’ll post the results. Next week, spring break, fun fun fun! =)