pic: Jesuit 1097 Electronics Board


This is the fruit of our labors, it took us three tries to make it and it was almost destroyed by a Freshman. It's just so… beautiful.

10 Spikes and 8 Victors?! Holy crap Batman!

i see you labled your spikes and such too. always a good idea

hey do you have some extra victors and spikes all ready mounted on there just so you have to switch cables if one fails, or do you not have them all wired yet?

Well that is just our little secret… :wink:

Actually we may or may not have to use all of those. We just hooked all the victors up in case one victor failed, we could just switch the cables to one of the other unconnected ones. The spikes were just there cause we thought it looked pretty. :smiley:

Very nice clean job

You must be under-weight … :smiley:

funny you should say that…

Yeah take this picture in your imgination, cut it in half, pretend it works, and you’ll have the final design… hopefully.