pic: Jesuit All Sparks FRC Team 2848 2013 Robot Marvin.

The Jesuit All Sparks Team 2848, from Dallas, Tx, presents our 2013 Robot, Marvin

This looks incredibly different from the robot we got to see at Hub City. Mind sharing the story/process?

Looks great. Hope you guys bring it out this summer to TRR so we can see it.

I was thinking the same thing. I still remember the blocked shots from them when they expanded inside the tower.

We did some major work on our robot on Thursday during the OKC regional. We took off our old shooter and replaced it with this new one and also had plans on adding an intake. The intake was never put on at the competition because it wasn’t giving us the results we wanted.

Here is a video recapping our trip to OKC and it has a clip of us putting on the new shooter. Unfortunately this design can’t block people in front of the pyramid but the new shooter was much better.


Looks kind of similar to our MarVIn… Lol