pic: Joe Matt - WAI



OH MAN!!! This. Is. The. Greatest. Picture. Of. All. Time. HAHAHA I’m laughing so hard. I can’t believe this is your WAI.

Nice picture… that banana suit seems to be everywhere this year!

oh rly?
ya rly!

no WAI!!!

ya rly!
Jo3 M@'s WAI!





laura: you look like a huge deformed picachu (sp?) with only one ear. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like how the tip of the banana looks like it is glowing because of the light in the background! :yikes:

Sorry Joe :yikes:, but I think you take second fiddle to the Laura-Banana.:wink:

you know, I’ve been doing that pose forever… I just recently learned it was the “Joe Matt” tho!

And they used to put up the dancing banana on the screen at a lot of our football games. They would look for someone in the crowd wearing the suit, and hold it on the guy for a few minutes with a little animated banana dancing on the screen. It’s rather funny before the guy actually knows he’s on screen!