pic: John, Ken, Adrienne, and I at the GTR.

Good times, good times. ::reminiscing::

Bizzare, I never thought I’d see my parents on ChiefDelphi. That’s my Mom and Dad in the bottom right corner of the photo.

JVN = Goober
Ken Patton = Awesome

I can’t believe that you guys were all awake at the same time. Well John was almost awake. :smiley:

Though you can’t tell from the picture, this was one of the most fun times I’ve had at a FIRST event. Adrienne and I road-tripped it up to Toronto to watch our friends on 1114, and 1511. You can imagine our surprise when they ended up winning the regional together. It was certainly a blast.

We got to relax the whole weekend, and spent most of the time watching matches with the amazing and famous Ken Patton (he’s a Woodie Flowers Award winner). Sometimes Jay would come hang out too (when he wasn’t being too cool for us).
Ken and I spent a great amount of time trash-talking and discussing strategy. I can’t speak for him, but I know I gained new insight into the game. It was also exciting to sit and watch a regional with no real responsibilities. Since I’ve joined FIRST in 2000 I have only done this once or twice.

Thanks for sharing this picture, it brings back fun memories.


Ha ha, John, I wish I had talked to you guys more. I would much rather of been up there talking strategy. It was awesome to get insight into the different strategies teams were ,and could be, using. Not to mention getting some time to talk to Ken about how I did @ FLR. Ken is the man. I even got a chance to talk to Kim and Karthik @ lunch. It was great to sit and watch a full day of competition, I haven’t done that since '03(before I was officially on the team)

Good times,

We let them win, dangit!!! LOL, man, that was a fun finals to participate in. If you have to lose (and 48 corners the market on finishing 2nd), you always want to lose to alliances like that. I’m just glad we could put on a good finals show for such prestigious American visitors as were in attendance that weekend blah blah blah…!

Indeed. I stopped up to visit this crew in the stands (minus Jay, whom I don’t ever recall seeing at the competition - was he chasing girls all weekend or something? :slight_smile: ) to give the /0’ers a 229 team pic from the Buckeye Regional. I left with the knowledge that Ken is opposed to having his robot classified as a “ballerina”. :stuck_out_tongue: It was great having them all there…even JVN!

I just want to know, will all these “American spies” scouting the Canadian events from the stands and beyond ever attempt to obtain the best possible scouting report by bringing their teams to Canada and competing at GTR and Waterloo? Are you afraid? :smiley: Baby steps, eh? If we can’t have a larger American presence on the field, it is definitely nice to see them represented in the seats.

On behalf of teams 229, 135, and others who made 2005 “the year of silver”,
I’d just like to say… cry me a river Travis. :wink:

Karthik has parents? I always thought he was some bizarre byproduct of a biology experiment gone very, very wrong :rolleyes:

Well, my Dad is a Chemist, and it has always felt like I’m sort of experiment. So, I guess your somewhat right Rich. As for the positivity or the negativity of the outcome, I’ll leave that to the reader to decide.

You mean like a gremlin?
http://www.mwctoys.com/images/review_gremlins_1a.jpg http://www.chiefdelphi.com/pics/bin/1066802240karthik_head_shot.jpg

I almost died when i seen this. Almost the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hereby will all of my reputation points, current and future, to Koko Ed!

But according to the “historical documents”, Gremlins die when exposed to bright light. Last time I checked, Karthik was never one to shy away from the spotlight (often to the chagrin of anyone within sight or earshot of him :stuck_out_tongue: ). Perhaps he is a genetically-engineered Super Gremlin of the 21st Century? O wo is we! How are we supposed to get rid of him now???

thats easy, if hes immune to light then we will just have to put up a gigantic tarp over canada!!

Not to mention he didn’t massively reprodouce when exposed to the massive rainstorm in Indy or Copoli would’ve been toast.

Putting the original pic back on center stage…

Now that we’ve determined that Karthik is a Super Gremlin that cannot be destroyed via the usual Gremlin-vanquishing methods (all you really have to do, though, is take his mirror away and he’ll be finished 'cause his best friend just left him :rolleyes: ) - which fictional characters do JVN, Ken, Adrienne, and Jay remind you of in that pic? Quite a contrasting sequence of facial expressions from left to right, there…

JVN = Shaggy (who looks like he’s taken one too many hits from the Scooby Snack box - Zoiks!)
Ken = Scooby Doo (Great Dane <-> Huskie - practically the same)
Adrienne = Velma (Jinkies!)
Jay = Scrappy Doo (Puppy Power!)

I’m sure someone can do better than that…

So who’s Daphne?

Karthik’s Mom? And his dad is Fred?

Though yours was pretty good, I’m thinking it more like the fantastic four
John-The Thing
Ken-Mr. Fantastic
Adrienne-Invisible Woman
Jay-The Human Torch

oh check here to make sure they kind of look alike

now to figure out who Karthik’s parents are.