pic: John testing Surgical tube connection

There is a piece of pnuematics tubing inside the surgical tubing. This is a teats for a conveyor belt

“You’re gonna shoot your eye out, kid!”

That’s a neat way to connect the tubing, thanks for sharing

If its going on rollers, you should be careful to consider the pneumatic tube won’t wrap as tight or as easily as the surgical tube when it is rolling around the roller…as long as the piece isn’t that long it should be great! Nice job!

I hate to be a stickler, but that tubing is stretched in line with his eyes. Those are not safety glasses he is wearing.

This is a really good example of what NOT TO DO!

I would be remiss if I didn’t point that out.

Now, as far as the method of connection, great idea!!:slight_smile:

Yea John, Shame on you! I an going to have to fine you two peanut butter sandwiches!

Last night another mentor joked that we needed a Chinese Finger Torture Device to connect our surgical tubing together rather than tying knots. This is perfect! :cool:

Thought inspiring!

I was considering using tubing, but didn’t know how to connect it

Aren’t you being a little harsh? I mean come on, one Peanut Butter Sandwich ought to make the point, but two? Wow!!:wink:

caption contest

“You’re gonna shoot your eye out, kid!”

“This is why we call John, Cyclops”

I think that he might be pointing it at an angle. Still dangerous but not directly at his eye. It’s hard to tell with this picture.


p.s. Sweet! now, we can just mount the pneumatic tubing, attach the surgical tubing with a ziptie and be ready to go instead of tying knots.

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…I’m not that predictable, am I?

Also, what else have folks tried, good or bad, for joining surgical tubing for conveyor purposes?

Tried that idea tonight to work out some intake mechanism/conveyor ideas. It works like a charm with the stuff we had sitting around the shop, so thanks for posting it!

We found it works even better if you put a quick wrap of masking tape around each end of the pneumatic tubing, just to “roughen up” the surface a bit and give the latex something to hold on to.



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I just don’t see the resemblance…

One of the fathers of our one of our kids suggested it.

Last night we had issues with the surgical tubing not being able to grip the pneumatics tubing. The KOP surgical tubing is .25" ID and the pneumatics tubing is .25" OD. Perhaps our surgical tubing got stretched the wrong way? So the surgical tubing we ordered for the production bot has a 3/16" ID. Shouldn’t be too hard to flip the ends inside out and roll it over the pneumatic tubing connector.

Thanks for sharing. We were struggling with the connection and this was such a simple fix. It really got us rolling.:wink: