pic: Jon K. (0173)


Sorry Elgin and the rest of TRIBE team 237 but RAGE had yeah beat. The story behind it is that the first few nights we were in Houston we went over to the fiesta supermarket accross the street cause we got there on Tuesday and we were at the hotel where the back was to the astrodom/reliant complex. Well we were bored and dewless so we went over there and bought some. It was on sale for 88 cents a 2 liter bottle. So the seniors buy about 20 bottles and the rest of the team goes and gets some. The next day we went back. They raised the price to 99 cents a bottle for 2 liters we cleaned out the store. Then we went to Toys R' Us which was in a different complex but still close. We raided the toys r us and while there found the giant dew banks. We bought 2 and then filled them up for the championships. And I still have my bottle(and one of lasts years seniors has the other) and will try to get it into competitions… I am not sure if I will be able to but I will try.

Oh and the bank bottles can hold 10.3 liters. One of our seniors measured last year.