pic: Josh Goodman New WAI

I’m the coach, not the mohawk guy…that’s Graeme. Mohawk = sweet

I saw you guys at Philly, you know how to play one hell of a quarter final match. I was worried when you guys almost placed in the first one. Lol I said to the guys on 237 when we were about to play against you guys something like “I really don’t want to play against an alliance that has half the room cheering for them”. Come check 816 out in Atlanta if you’re going we’re always looking for cool people to hang with.

Haha thanks! You guys were a GREAT match! It seemed like everything went wrong for us in the Quarterfinals with our programming not working and us needing to get a surrogate team. But nonetheless, an intense set of matches.

I do look rather satanic in this picture though…whatever it was the only good recent one I could find!

You hair there looks almost like Larry’s hair…except red.