pic: JP Swerve

Swerve module actuated by Nippon Denso window motor and CIM.

1:5.95 speed ratio for 14.9 ft/s.
2:1 revolution ratio for rotation of the swerve module (~42rpm).

This is a prototype of the geartrain designed to be fabricated from 1/4" MDF plates, thus the swerve module is designed with finger joints and captive slot nuts.

Gears are all VexPro 7075-T6 aluminum gears. Wheel is a 4"x1.5" Colson Performa. Position sensor for module revolution is not added yet.

Looks good. The only thing I would be worried about structurally is the use of MDF over plywood or something.
42 rpm for turning the module seems really slow. The original 100rpm of the motor could be a better fit. In the picture it looks like the larger gear is on the window motor, are you sure that it’s not 100 x 2 = 200rpm?
Why gears over belts for the first stage?
Are you using this for this year?

Looks good. But if you are planning on using this for Stronghold, on the slight off chance that you go over the rough terrain the wrong way, you might have the gear next to the wheel or the upside-down CIM scraping against the steel rough terrain. :ahh:

We were concerned about plywood’s tendency to splinter. Is plywood stronger for this purpose than MDF?

My bad. The ratio is 2:1 for 84*2 = 168rpm.

This swerve module is designed to be fairly low-cost, and we had access to most of the gears used in the first stage (as opposed to compatible belts/pulleys). Money is also the reason that it’s fabricated largely from wood, not aluminum.

The swerve module is being used for a robotics side project, not for Stronghold, although I’d love to see what 16, 2451, etc. have brewing for this year’s challenge.

Yes. 1/4" Baltic or Finnish birch plywood (not lauan or cheap 1/4" ply) will be much stiffer than 1/4" MDF.