pic: Just a few parts left

Currently 4.2 pounds, it should be under 6 by the time it is done.

Looks great! What are the orange motor-esque objects?

I hope those aren’t globe motors. They look like it due to the circular planetary gear set and the wires coming out of the front of the motor.

The only thing throwing me off is what appears to be a 3-screw gear set for mounting.

Looks like BB motors with the Globe planetary?

I’ve never seen motors that look like that before…

i’m putting my money on FP or BB with special sleeves and gearing

I can’t see the motors, just a goofy orange case surrounding them.

Looks like some globe motors with pool noodle cut and zip tied to them

They are Black and Decker electric screwdrivers with the normal motor replaced with a BB395. They are two stage planetary transmissions that are $10 a pop.

Can you tell us where you get these transmissions and how you adapt the motors to them?

Very nice use of an off-the-shelf solution. Well done.

They are called “Black & Decker A56NG 6V Alkaline Screwdriver”. We have seen them at Home Depot, Walmart, and Target.
They are really easy to pop open. You just need to file a flat into the 395 shaft, cut it a little shorter and remove some of the plastic tabs inside the handle (as the 395 is longer than the motor that comes with it).

Neat new gearbox! Its always fun finding new COTs parts the kit motors can be adapted to. Great work.

That is the coolest thing ever.

That really is neat, I’d like to give those a look sometime.


lol post #254

This inspired me. So… I walked to the OSH in the shopping center next to my office and found this $9.99 junky little “KC Professional” 3.6v cordless screwdriver with 21 piece tool bit set. I figured, “What the heck, ten bucks”.

When I pulled the 6 screws out that held it together, what should I find but a RS380 driving the whole thing. It has a 3 stage planetary transmission on it. (I’m not going to be using it for much of a load, so it should be “fine”)
I can literally just pull the pinion off this bad boy and press it onto our RS395 and reassemble it with very little mods at all. I’ll post pictures once I get it finished. That should be this afternoon. In the mean time, here is a teaser.

Why didn’t I think of that . . with all the wonderful “Harbor Freight” stores opening nearby, I’m tempted to do some shopping!. :ahh:

We also bought a Harbor Freight screwdriver just like that one when we were testing our designs, we ultimately decided not to use it because the Black and Decker had a larger reduction and the transmission had a much better build quality (we could hear the Harbor Freight screwdriver skipping teeth when we stopped the output shaft) the Black and Decker ones are also the same price.

I can literally just pull the pinion off this bad boy and press it onto our RS395

Neither the Harbor Freight or the B&D screwdrivers had pressed on pinions, they just had flats in the shafts, which was easy to replicate with a file.

It went together so fast, I forgot to take pictures. I had to diassemble it for these.

We won’t be using this for any heavy work, just to run a roller on the front of the claw.

Beautiful! I think I know what I’m gonna look to do next season.