pic: Just kidding! That was a CNC Clamp

In the past week, we have had some very interesting situations with our CNC mills: 1) An endmill was broken in machining wax…"The spindal wasn't on…" 2) That "Bearing Plate" was really the clamp that holds material in the machine; the funny part is that i wasn't kiddning about the hardened steel, it was machined at F10 without coolant and using a 1/4" 3 Flute endmill…OOPS! Oh well, other than a semicircle, the machine and endmill came out unharmed.

It’s great to find out about damage to machine and the clamps through Chief Delphi instead of hearing it from the student CNC master himself…

Eh, we’ll get over it!

Anybody know someone that will sell a clamp like that?


Any industrial supplier should sell the clamps or just replacement jaws. Try MSC, Grainger, McMaster-Carr, ect. Personally I’ve had the best luck ordering from MSC (www.mscdirect.com) and most of the time you get your order the next day. Grainger is strickly wholesale but I was told that if you order through thier website and with a credit card number they wouldn’t know the difference.