pic: JVN and Chick-Fil-A Cow


Now that it is winter in Indiana, mice and snakes make their way into my garage. This picture should scare them away.

Andy B.

Wait who is who? jk jk

This picture is udderly awesome.

Moooooving along, I’m required to ask the back story that puts the Chick-Fil-A cow on a Segway in (what appears to be, given the floor) IFI’s offices.

Back story: Team 148 is having a Chick-Fil-A fundraising night next week, so they sent their Cow over to IFI for some promo pictures.

A fundraising night, eh?

I’m sure the team will milk it for all it’s worth. :slight_smile:

JVN, funding for 148, and killer publicity? I wouldn’t beef about that.

Which one will scare the snakes? :ahh:

Wow, these are some of the cheesiest puns anyone cud possibly make; seriously, they are way pasture usual standards of “bad”.

Indeed, these puns are getting rather awful. I’m going to have to hoof it.

I find this whole thread udderly amusing. :rolleyes:

Oh, and John, the whole act of “pointing at something funny” is copyrighted… K? thx. :stuck_out_tongue:
See examples:

But seriously now.
Chick-Fil-A fundraiser? What’s that all about?
Care to share some details?

From the 148 coaches:

If the Chick-Fil-A restaurant in your town participates in the high school spirit nights, then its a very simple process. Ask the manager or local owner of the restaurant if they will sponsor a Spirit Night for the team. The Greenville team is calling it : GHS Robotics Spirit Night and we are holding it on a Friday evening. As a matter of fact, they are letting us have an extended time from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm, due to the fact they are located so close to our school. We were allowed to make all the posters, flyers, etc we wanted using the logo and then distribute them all over town. They actually encourage some form of advertising campaign. On the spirit night, all anyone eating there must do is say, " I’m supporting the GHS Robotics team with my meal tonight", then their reciept goes in a box. At the end of the night a portion of the reciepts will be given to the team. What percentage depends on the manger/owner of the store.

Geez, Billfred, you’re responsible for the vache majority of them! That’s it, I’ve herd enough - leather or not you’ve finished pun-ishing us, I’m out of here.

Is JVN a chicken? That face doesn’t look too happy. He looks like he wants to stampede for the hills.

Ok, seriously, calf of those jokes aren’t even funny. Cud you guys just stop making cheese jokes and get beef on topic?!?

No, but he divided by them once.

If that is your garage in the background, wow.

It is nice to have JVN as your security force!
You never know when one of the those stray cats, fuzzy squirrels or fluffy bunnies decide to move in for the winter!

Guys, you’re just egging us on…


I’m staying out of this. JVN is my friend and I’m also a part of the IFI team, so it would be improper of me to poke fun at this … Aw the heck with it, there’s no way to resist. Hey, John, why not sit the cow at your CAD station and you hang out by the road for the fundraiser?

(ducking and running for permenant cover)

[edit] OK, I’ll admit that JVN is much better at CAD work than the cow, but c’mon the family resemblance is so close who could have known? … curse you Martus, I can’t stop typing, too many ideas … [/edit]

Does this have anything to do with St. Louis and facing the Thunder Chickens in many of your qualification matches? :smiley: gah that algorithm