pic: JVN and Chick-Fil-A Cow

Is there a way the moderators could “steer” outsiders away from this thread? I fear the reputation of the FIRST community is at “steak.” <joking, of course>

Ooh, this sounds like it might turn into an interesting story. Is that some kind of haircut that deflects swarms of angry Vex robots? Maybe an afro that somehow holds helium allowing you to fly away from an 148 robot experiencing autonomous “errors”? Or, perhaps you mean perm***a***n***e***nt cover; such as a bomb shelter or wherever English teachers that make spelling mistakes go to hide from their axe-wielding colleagues?:wink:

Uh oh. I have a painful memory dealing with the Chick-Fil-A cow…some members of my team (and others), along with Miss Jenny knows…

I find myself on the long horns of a dilemma. Whether to jump into this discussion with both hooves, or just to steer clear of the topic, that is the question. While I am moo-ved to participate, I just don’t know if I cud stand it. Is it even possible that this topic can be further butchered? After grazing through the posts thus far, I can put stock in the wisdom of those that have already grilled the punsters. I am just going to chuck it in - it is not worth the risk of getting into a beef with those who enjoy all this bull. I think that Mme. Pasture would have said it best: “It is time to put a steak through this thread, before anyone else is herd.”


Peace, Dave! I surrender!

(I wanted to keep punning, but after that post, I chickened out. :rolleyes: )

It’s getting deep here, people.

Don’t worry, Jane, I think they’ve milked it for all it’s worth… if not, just pray for some bovine intervention…


Will this thread heifer end? Veal just have to see…

Oh, JVN is in his prime; certainly he can take some ribbing!

Besides, when he retires IFI can dig up this photo and use it at his roast.

And I honestly think these posts are going in one ear and out the udder!

Probably not.
It’s really boils down to a simple matter of cows & effect over here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chuck’s coming in to join the herd…not much to beef about, just chewing the fat…

Isn’t there a team by the name of Bovine Intervention somewhere? (If not–I’ll settle for the Holy Cows, team 1538.)



Will do Mr. Cow! :slight_smile:

Hey John, did you have anything to do with designing THIS bad boy after experiencing the visit from your new Cow friend? :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW, I just finished reading the Wikipedia article on CDC (Cult of the Dead Cow (I’ve been on the pedia for over an hour and somehow ended up there from Texas Tech or Lubbock or something))… anyways I can’t believe I missed this this JVN thread/pic.

That said, Elgin forgot to look at the expiration date!