pic: JVN and CJC's Office at IFI

This is where I spend approximately 10 hours a day.
Our company photographer took this picture to show some customer.
Luckily, he sent me a copy so I can share.

Lots of interesting stuff laying around… see anything cool?

High Res at:

Well, going from the obvious to the minute…

-Segway HT
-2005-era Kitbot
-Vex parts galore
-IFI Operator Interface (on the whiteboard)
-What appears to be several devices from RackSolutions (which is part of IFI as best as I can tell) strapped to the computers and lying around

Someone will have to enlighten me as to what the white box to the left is.

<Edit> After looking at the hi-res version of the picture, I noted a few other things…

-“Wash Porsche” under the IFI section on the white board.
-“Babysit Intern” under the “Misc.” section on the white board.
-What appears to be an underwater Victor speed controller (water game?!)
-What appears to be a Vex robot with a cup and a cold beverage of some sort to be determined
-A Yahoo! rack of some variety.
-A wastebasket.

My gut’s telling me a stereo lithography machine, but I don’t know… I also notice the red cup in the upper centerline of the photo, and a glass bottle… they are set up in an automatic pourer-looking contraption.

Link to high-res:

I think you missed what appears to be a tether. It’s next to/behind the yellow rack-like thing.


I am truly in envy of your office. It is amazingly cool. Congratulations on getting a job at IFI.


PS: It appears that your hair is growing back nicely :slight_smile:

As far as my wild guess for the big white machine would be a rapid prototyping machine. If you look on top, you will see what appears to be the “new” victor design which has the fan snaps on it, in white and black. White being the rapid prototype model.

Hmm…Looks a bit small, but it could be. Might also be a combination microwave/refrigerator.

The coolest thing that I can see is that Chris has a book open and actully appears to be doing work. I’ve never seen that before! :wink:

That thing is a 3D printer (a rapid prototype machine like what dez250 said). The company is Dimension Printing – some of our team members talked to the Dimension Printing reps at the 2004 RoboNexus event.
Here’s their website.

Hey john… I need to build a vex bot, can I “borrow” your VEX kits? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I see an MGD. Looks like an interesting job.

Looks like a fun place to “work”. Is that some sort of omni-wheel behind the black piece with the axle (shaft) thru it?

Wow, I would love to work in a place like that.

On the whiteboards appears to be a rough drawing of the 2006 Robot controller which (by the writing underneath) seems to have an LCD instead of LEDs.

I see some stains on the floor. :smiley:

A 19" LCD screen? That seems a little big.

I missed the 19". So maybe it is not the 2006 RC, maybe it is monitor in the 2006 drivers’ stations to get live video back from the robot to perform intricate tasks more easily.

I also see the following (after I screwed around with the hidef image in photoshop a bit):

Rack Solutions

  • KMA-05-24
  • ??? ??? Wall Mount
  • Navy ??? Survey
  • Navy 19" LCD Rack w/ ??? ???

IFI Robotics

  • For Lunch
  • Kit Analysis
  • Wash Porsche
  • FF revision/2003 (not sure on revision, could be precision)

That’s all I can decipher… whoever wrote that stuff has horrible handwriting… :smiley:

The LCD isn’t for us though… :frowning:

Looks like an awesome office, looks a lot better than the “case of the Mondays” cubical I work in :smiley: .

Not to make too fine a point of it, but it might be more accurate to say that IFI is a part of Rack Solutions. Talk to Tony some time while consuming several instances of the same item being hoisted by the little robot in JVN’s office, and you will learn that the vast majority of their business is dealing with the stamped metal pieces that RS punches out. The FIRST community primarily knows them only for their speed controllers, RC and operator interface systems, but Rack Solutions is a significant supplier to the biggest computer companies around. That part of their business is much larger than the FIRST-related portion, and is what allows them to subsidize their FIRST-related developments.