pic: JVN and Copioli

Here you see JVN and I at the Ra Cha Cha Ruckus team party. I decided to dress as Paul for party and my costume is seen here, complete with ThunderChickens shirt, wind pants, indoor soccer shoes, and JVN as my understudy.

So Jay, in your Paul Copioli-wannabe Halloween fantasy world, were there any large men dressed in Pooh Bear costumes chasing you around the room? No Paul Copioli dress-up party is complete without a Big Mike. :slight_smile:

Jay actually had stuff to highlight his hair and spike it up a bit, and I offered to help him out with that final Copioli touch. I think his ‘costume’ was awesome overall… it’s a cool thing to know that kids will dress up as their mentors. :slight_smile:

p.s. - I was saddened that there were no Dave Lavery costumes. That needs to be remedied for next year. People, get on it.

The windpants…
The windpants make the costume. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Really the only thing missing was extra padding to go under the shirt and you are a bit too pretty to pull off Paul. :cool:

my WAI and title say it all :wink: