pic: JVN Doll?

does that involve cutting open the dolls head after kickoff? I’ll make sure to have a sharp utility knife then.

That may prove to be fatal, I was going to suggest that he post it all online. Either that or you need a skilled neurosurgeon.


We’ve got one of those

(the back of his hoodie says “no applicable skills” guess he’s got some now lol)


The students told me:
“We made them because we love you!”

Then another one in the back said:
“…and we want to profit from your reputation.”

UGH! What is it with these boards lately and bad jokes like that…:rolleyes:

But wouldn’t a Neunosurgeon just be anyone from 148’s pit crew in 2008? Or would they be anyone from the team?

…Then take them out of the picture…

That would be a Nonosurgeon.

Would someone that wanted to pick John’s brain be a Neunologist?

That is what I thought except for:

And yes, tis’ a Neun-agon!
From http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=732965&postcount=5 (Sorry, I dont know how to do cross thread quoting)

Maybe 121 should make a Ring Ding Rick doll to hang out with John’s doll.

Don’t need one of the Robowranglers…

I’m sure that http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/member.php?u=7211 would like to get at all those design plans (though he can come up with some pretty good ones too). If he can do the surgery, then you’d have your Neunosurgeon.

That is a tremendous idea. Dylan, take note of this if you see it!