pic: JVN is a dweeb after all!

The legendary Andy Baker said here

While we don’t quite have the ability to anodize, put spinners on, or etch, we at least got part of it right…

(It’s doubtful that the writing will be on our robot this year. What with it being written in dry-erase marker and all… :wink: )

Well, you don’t want to spend too much time on something like that… The crappiness just adds value to the statement!

Andy, I will send you that wheel eventually. It would be even better on some of those awesome 'Stang wheels. :rolleyes:


I now believe that should be the IFI saying “JVN is a dweeb”

Well… this dweeb is just proud that his wheels will be on the 1293 robot.

Glad to hear it.

We’re raising the bar this year when it comes to our drivetrain. I think it’ll be a nice improvement over Ockham.

(No, this is not an old post. Yes, it is 2006. Yes, I just revived “raising the bar.” Apologies to the rookies who don’t get the humor. :wink: )

Now, THAT is a great-looking IFI wheel. All of this time, something was missing. Jay has been talking about one of these wheels, but Billfred beat him to it.


Quick someone post a picture of and AndyMark omniwheel with “Andy is a dweeb” :stuck_out_tongue: