pic: JVN vs PIG vs Baker

My entry for the Photoshop contest #2. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=46708

It appears that Baker has a tray of drinks, possibly selling as an fundraiser for Team 45. I wonder how many will swim by for a cold drink??

PS - thanks for labeling all the animals in the photo.

If Baker is selling drinks as a fundraiser for 45, Thanks JVN! Want to buy your oinky little friend one too?

:stuck_out_tongue: (vote for this picture) :stuck_out_tongue:

fundraiser… pig… summertime…

hmmm… that gives me an idea!


Andy, please don’t let your idea involve anything with gathering up pieces after Exploding Bacon, well, …

[not serious, don’t call the ASPCA]
How do you think they prepare the pulled pork for the IRI Friday dinner? A little nitroglycerin in Porky’s last meal and voila…
[/not serious, don’t call the ASPCA]

If you’re talking bacon envy, I liked this picture better…:slight_smile:


So what is Andy’s idea? Hog sale at the IRI?

Pig wins.

4-H hogs used to raise $700 in my county 4-H auction. If you had a couple wealthy grandparents it could go significantly higher.
I am sure that the Marion County Fair has a big auction. Hmmmm. (stratching my beard).