pic: K-Botics Team 2809 Introduces K-Bot Kacey

K-Botics Team 2809 is proud to introduce K-Bot Kacey. She has a very simple simple design, only uses 4 CIM motors, can hold 15+ balls, and shoot them out faster then we need to. We also have some programing trickery with Camera tracking and traction control.

We will be competing at GTR, and if we get lucky we will see most of you down in ATL.

From what I can see there are a lot of good rookie teams this year. Looks great 2809! Good luck to you guys this year.

Congratulations on your very impressive robot - impressive for anyone, especially for a rookie team.

Of course, we can tell you are rookies because you are throwing away a perfectly good vision target…:stuck_out_tongue:

Bot looks solid. Have any videos to share?

A great looking robot from a rookie team, with all the great mentors that K-Botics has I’m sure this team will great bots ever year. See you guys at GTR