pic: K-Botics Team 2809, Kasey III (aka Barbra Streisand)

K-Botics is proud to introduce our Logo Motion Robot Kasey III (aka Barbra Streisand)

13 ft/s Mechanum drive, with gyro stabilization.

4-bar Arm balanced by gas spring, currently powered by window motor (likely to change at NY to FP).

Pneumatic wrist for floor pickup, independent rollers for tube manipulation, pneumatic jaw to handle different sized tubes and quick release of tubes.

Swing arm mini bot deployment, minibot not shown. Our minibot team is probably on their 10 revision by now, continuous improvement.

Autonomous using line following, our blog has a list of all the sensors we are using. We are using this unique system where we record driver inputs with sensor input mixed in and replay it for autonomous mode. Its basically smart dead reckoning, that allows us to change our autonomous mode to our needs very quickly.

The team is really excited about this years robot, our best designed and built to date. We are competing in New York next weekend and in the Greater Toronto West Regional later this month.

Check out our blog for more details and pictures: http://kbotics.ca/2011/03/05/introducing-our-robot/

Awesome looking robot.

Can you elaborate on your autonomous mode. Which parts are read back from the recorded driver inputs and which parts use the senors? How is the data from both sources combined to give a consistent autonomous?

I am not the expert but this is how I understand it:

We line up the robot on the line, flip a switch on the robot that will record all driver inputs to the crio’s memory. Then the Driver holds down a button that follows the line and stops at the wall using the T of the line and IR distance sensors, the operator then operates the arm as this happens and scores the tube. Then after the tube is scored the driver can drive the robot to midfield ready to pickup a tube when teleop stars. Then when we flip the switch to play back and line the robot up again, it uses the recorded driver/operator input and the same sensors as it did before. I think there are a couple other things we are doing but thats basically it. We will see how it works this weekend, but it looked promising on our practice field.

Very nice!

Are those rotating lights? I’m getting 2002 flashbacks.

Also, that swing arm looks very familiar. Does it have any in/out adjustability to permit operator alignment error? With mecanum and the ability to strafe, this shouldn’t be as big a concern for your team relative to one that has a standard xWD drivetrain.

And Banebots has to be loving the run on puke-green Banebots wheels this year. :slight_smile:

Yea we have an old 610 robot in our lab from '02 that had one of those old rotating lights and one of our students contacted American Signal Company and got the three on our robot donated. With how the game is developing not sure how much use we will get out of them, but they sure are pretty.

The swing arm is basically ram into the base and as long as the robot is touching the base it swings the minibot into the pole.

Yea those banebot wheels are nice, the tread is really gummy, nice and light, come with a 1/2" hex. We need to clean ours off a bit, they got pretty dirty when practicing at our sponsors wear house.

Regarding your unique autonomous stratagy:
First: wow, a great idea that, as you describe it, seems like a great solution.
Second: how do you record inputs to be used after the robot is reset?

I believe it literally outputs all the driver control inputs into a .txt file on the crio’s memory, then plays back those driver inputs into the code during autonomous.

Some teams have been having problems with the lines being scuffed up and their line sensing stuff not work. So caution to you guys, AND MAKE SURE THE REFS REDO THE LINES IF YOU GUYS EVEN FEEL A LITTLE BIT WORRIED ABOUT SCUFFED LINES.


As for the lines, ours weren’t brilliant to begin with, but it’s definitely something we’ll have to watch out for.

thumbs up for the music.

I like your robot too…

Very nice, wouldn’t expect nothing less from such a great team, cant wait to see this up close in person at GTR:)