pic: Kaizen Blitz Presents... The Blitz Box 2006

Introducing our robot named the Blitz Box or in Japanese "Fushidara Kou".

Shooter: 2 balls per second, accurate to 10 feet.

Hopper: 10 or 11 ball capacity, 3 barrelled to allow for 3 seperate 3 or 4 ball shots.

Loading: Human and Floor

Bumpers: Embroidered with team number and fancy dragon/samuri on the back.

Drivetrain: AM 2 speed shift on the fly with six AM 4" traction wheels

Ramp: Yep.

Mascot: A little Einstein Action figure with safety glasses that we manufactured specially for him.

A video can be found here: http://www.mcstrobotics.org/coppermine/cpg142/albums/uploads/1276teaser.mov

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