pic: Kaizen Blitz's 2008 Robot "Joe"

This is “Joe” 1276’s 2008 robot.

It is designed to knock the ball off the overpass, hurdle, place, and collect. It uses a swinging arm to launch the ball over the overpass. The “C” begins the match in it’s down position and then is lifted up to it’s current position. You see it in launch mode.

It has AM two speeds and 4 CIMs. For the first time ever we built a robot without using pneumatics!

It’s designed to launch “on-the-fly”, and to remain lower than the overpass, so we don’t waste time retracting from being above the bar.

The robot is named after Joe Sawyer, our engineering mentor who made our rookie robot what it was, who passed away last year.

The video does a far better job than I can at explaining.


That picking up and hurdling looks great. One of the smoothest I’ve seen yet.

:eek: Glad we’re not competing against you. Maybe with you in Atlanta?

That is astonishing…

You guys would have destroyed at the scrimmage last week. Best robot I’ve seen so far, congrats guys.

This is one of the most unique designs I have seen yet! great job!!

great job guys… im hoping you are at BAE this year… would love to see this up close in person!!!

Thanks for you comments guys! :o

For those of you who want to see a more up close shot of the mechanism we have them, but they don’t want to make it to youtube. Hopefully we’ll be able to get them up sometime Saturday.

Yup, we’ll be at BAE. Your machine looks like a beast as always. We look forward to playing with you guys, it’s been a while since you made it to BAE.