pic: Kapolei High Schools 2009 Lunacy Robot

Kapolei High’s second year in FRC. A student built bot from the ground up. We ranked 7 going into the alliance pairings and was asked by team 1138 eagle engineering (seeded 3rd) to join their alliance. We made it to semi finals with this bot…
Strong believer in KISS, a term we learned and have come to appreciate this build season, especially after seeing the problems a lot of teams with complex mechanisms had on the practice day…


4 wheel drive powered by 2 CIM motors
Manually loaded container for moonrocks, can hold up to 7+ balls at a time
Shooter (accurate up to 5 ft) powered by belt and CIM motor / 180 degree turret
Wide chasis with notch in the middle to herd game pieces (herds 10+ balls at a time) and pin trailers
All around bot good for offense and defense.

plenty of good bots this year… and by far my most exciting…
im sad tho that our season has ended…
but we have next year!

You guys had a great robot and it was great to play with you guys in the elimination matches.

hey noah

yea it was fun. ahah just that battery disconnection thing forced us to make that comeback win. but your robot was super good too, better than ours for sure.

but hopefully you guys will enter next years HI regional
and we can get in some matches.

Yeah, the battery thing was unfortunate, but I think that match was actually closer than the second one. We are definitely considering coming back to the Hawaii Regional next year.

for sure man…
it was a close game.
itd be great if you guys came…
unfortunately i can only hold mentor status tho since i grad this year. but other than that i cant wait for next build season :]