pic: Karthik at Clarkson???

Here is a picture of a new banner just put up at Clarkson as part of a new admissions campaign. The picture is from practice day at the Long Island Regional 2004. If you look you can see Chris Carnevale, Eric O'Brien, Jeremy Boire, Jay T., Karthik, and even half of my face behind Chris :-p

did Jay get early acceptance?

no he’s just a lucky high school student in a clarkson banner :slight_smile:

Wow. Two-story high Karthik. That’s a scary thought.

My question is: Does he get royalties for that? :wink:
(I know. The answer is no for a variety of reasons)

**Defy Convention? **What a great slogan. Even better than Get Real: Get Kettering :smiley:

that’s really cool… very nice banner

I like that Adrienne, now they are goign to HAVE to accept me… I mean, they are already using me to bring in more students. It’s just to bad they didn’t use a picture from this year… better robot. :smiley:


That banner demonstrates some effective use of, um, forehead protectors? :rolleyes:

It’s cool that you guys are all famous now :smiley: I’ve gotten about 50 pounds of college mailings, and not too many prominantly feature robotics.

I was waiting for someone to bring that up. Those forehead protectors are something new that I designed while ‘defying convention’ at Clarkson. Okay, maybe not. Its bad enough being caught in any picture without safety glasses on, never mind one that is more than a story tall. Shame on me. Besides, I should have been extra careful with Karthik in the pit.


First time one of those media waivers that we all sign acutally came to some use hm? =)