pic: Karthik basking in the moment

Moments after the final match of the 2008 Championship.

Mother: Karthik for the last time clean your room! I keep stepping on this LEGO clean it up!

why does that sound familiar? :smiley:

  • Morgan Freemans Voice-After a long day of work, Karthik decieds that the field look more comforable then the bed at the hotel or the plane ride home.*

Hey if i had one the championship i would be swimming in that field…

Daydream off into 2009 Season…:slight_smile:

What’s up with that phone on his belt?

I was thinking the same thing. :slight_smile:
Apparently technological advances in Canada only apply to robots and not consumer devices.

But what is in his hand? It looks like another phone to me…

Its probably a beeper… :slight_smile:

Mobile phones :ahh: ??? Canada only recently switched from the telegraph to the telephone. This further proves 1114 has better technology than the rest of Canada. :wink:

I wonder how many others wish they could too “win the last match” and make confetti angels on Einstein.

It’s a heck of a moment… and I’m glad K enjoyed it.

My personal cell phone is in my hand. The phone on my belt is a loaner from GM, used by our mentors to talk to each other at competitions and cut down on our roaming charges. I know, it’s very Zack Morris.

It looks like the aftermath of Karthik getting swamped by a tidal wave of confetti after it has ebbed away.

Haha thats what I asked him when I saw him using it on Friday morning. Didn’t know anyone still made phones from 1999 anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

That reminds me of one of the greatest all-time quick comebacks from one of our students. During our first visit to Portland we were hanging out in Pioneer Square and a friendly, but slightly inebriated local clued in to the fact that we were Canadian and decided to have some fun with us. After the usual go-round about sled dogs and igloos (the students assured him that we were moving out of igloos and into teepees due to global warming) he asked,

“So, like… do you guys have cell phones in Canada?”

and one of our programmers replied, spinning his finger in a little circle,

“Yeah… but they’re rotary dial.”

We all laughed and the local fellow happily wandered on to the next pub, or wherever he was heading.


P.S. Just for the record, however, our cellular air time, particularly data plans, are rather over-priced, and none of the carriers officially supports or sells iPhones at the moment. Pity… one could actually program a rotary dial interface into an iPhone, now that I think of it.

Rotary-dial cellphones? They exist.

Karthik basking? Karthik doesn’t bask. He’s always on the go. Someone must have stunned him with an accidental blow to the head. At least he’s got 2 phones to call for emergency help.

[bad karma - they play a doubleheader today] “Karthik demonstrating how the Toronto Blue Jays felt after being steamrolled by the Indians 12-0 on Saturday” [/bad karma]

i remember doing that in 06’ lol

cept my co-driver fell on top of my and passed out as well… lol

did u get a hug from paul? i know i did hahaha, i bet him i would get one and i did when we won OH YEAH!..

i will never repeat that again, oh dear lol