pic: Karthik Meme


Feel free to fill in the bottom line yourself!!!

Courtesy of NAR: North American Robotics, and of course Karthik.


My favorite is:

“Be very very quiet, I’m hunting Wabbits!”

Enjoy everyone.


“Shhhh - You might scare Simbot BA off the Pyramid.”

SHHHHH!..no ones supposed to know we added a floor pickup


Shhhhhh… I’m being charismatic.

On Kickoff day, Karthik discovered a chokehold strategy for Ultimate Ascent – one that no other team has thought of, yet. He is saving it for Einstein. SHHHH… is to prevent one the students (sworn to secrecy :wink: ) from accidentally blurting it out during Karthik’s TEDx talk. :]

Shhhh…I ball so hard, these guys are trying to fine me. But first, they got to find me.

Shhh… That’s the sound of strategy, my friends.

Shush Dean, this is MY robotics competition!

Shhhh…Listen! Do you smell something?

Shhhh…I hear Championships approaching

Shhhh…you’ll wake the miniCIMbot!


Shhhhhhh… Nobody knows 4814 is Hannibal yet!

Yes… Just yes…

“Imagine the most horrible, terrifying, evil thing you can possibly think of and multiply it… by six” - Megamind

Shhhh - I’m figuring out a way to get 9 matches each.

“No one was supposed to know about the new ‘Eh’ Team yet! Curse you, Chief Delphi!”

SHHHH… Stop talking about OPR!