pic: Karthik showing off his feminine side...

Karthik felt like getting a little dolled up in Toronto from what I hear…

(BTW Karthik, you knew this would happen if you sent me the link ;))

So great minds think alike Eh?!?

Personally, I think Karthik pulled it off much better :smiley:

Yes, Dez… but sadly, I think Karthik has more on underneath than Dave… shudder


What are you trying to tell us, Amanda?? You just said tha…


not feminine at all, scottish kilt lol.

I imagine that it gets a bit breezy when Dave gets that Segway up to top speed :wink:

Joe J.

That Kilt was taken from one of our mentors, our robot had “kilts” on them so we had our drive team and some mentors wear them. In the pits our mentor was wearing his kilt and some one stopped by and said that a VIP or something like that wanted a kilt to wear. Lou Rosanio,lead adult mentor of our Pit crew, turned around and pulled off his kilt. All of the students in the pit either turned away and covered there eyes or just had blank stares on there faces.
What we didn’t know was that Lou was wearing regular shorts under his kilt. It was one of those funny/scary moments.

A little side note, all three of the mentors who are mentioned in this thread, Dave Lavery, Lou Rosanio and Karthik are all Woodie Flowers winners this year. So mentors it seems like if ya want the WFA it might be a good idea to put on a kilt :slight_smile:

this is funny. I think the videos of Shyra teaching Karthik “How to put a kilt on” are coming soon… Stay tuned.

::runs away for life before Karthik gets to me::

For the record, none of the pictures in this thread are in the hopper for the caption contest.

Also for the record, my laptop hasn’t been connecting to the network at USC since late Sunday night (before this thread was created), and thus I’ve been unable to bookmark new images for the contest. Computer Services is sending someone in the morning. :smiley:

(laughs devilishly)

Somehow he doesn’t look anything like a true scotsman…

I think Karthiks was put with out his consent for some strange reason. Look at his face, he’s like “Seriously, who did this??!?!?!?!”. Are there any teams that use kilts as part of their uniforms? :rolleyes:

to bad no one got a picture of big mike, dressed like a big pimp at NJ regional, i had a team 41 fuzzy pimp hat, and team 157 big star sunglasses, and to complete the ensable, 869 had blue smock things

I asked the FIRST rep there if dave lavery would think i was pimp, i dont think he got the joke but laughed anyway :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. And no offense to Karthik, but everyone knows Dave has absolutely the best legs of any engineer in FIRST… grrrowl… er… yeah… I’m going to meekly go back to work now…


The reason that Karthik was wearing jeans was so that there was enough substance to keep him standing. Bean stalks look more manly than Karthiks legs.

what team is the Kilt from? SWAT?

Yes, it’s from SWAT. And I have the video. 3 clips, to be precise. 2 of Shyra putting it on him, one of him putting it on himself. Looking very proud that he’s figured it out. I’ll put it up on our website soon!

And I also have a few more pictures…

BING. BING. You are correct! That is a SWAT kilt…actually I think its mine!Thanks to whoever took this picture all of mine turned out fuzzy!

As for this video…I am very anxious to see it.

[edit: You beat me to it Kate! Is that the video you are bringing to Shelly tomorrow? Maybe I’ll sneak a peak during my spares. ]

Actually, I 'm in posession of a very special video of Karthik.

Which may very well make it’s way on to the net soon. For a price.

So how much will you pay me off for, Karthik?

How about some kind of trade? You must know how extremely broke I am.

Plus, this “Karthik Kilting” video must be like one of those Master card “priceless” commercials… FIRST Kit $5000, Tim Horton’s for 6 week build period $100, 40 S.W.A.T. shirts $600, St. Mildred’s Kilt $80, Watching Karthik dancing around in a that Kilt at GTR…PRICELESS!