pic: Kartik with his friends

Karthik wanted to make sure he got a good seat

Maybe he just didn’t want to go to the talent show where we were making fun of his singing.

I bet he’s just wondering what the captions are going to be in the inevitable caption contest of this one. (Ya listening, Billfred?)

“You nerds can be so cruel sometimes :’(”

Pockets the caption

It looks like he’s sleeping.

He forgot to book a hotel.

C’mon, folks, give poor Karthik a break! A five minute nap right after IRI might be the only sleep he gets all year!

Actually, I don’t recall having seen Karthik sit still before – ever. (It is a sure bet that he is NOT Charles Wallace …)

You know he’s got real dedication, showing up three hours early like that. After all, you know you’re addicted to FIRST when…

So many things to say about this, so little time…

Hey! I said I loved it.

Actually he had just dropped a canadian dollar thru the bleachers, and was trying to figure out if he could slither thru the slats, or if he was going to have to walk all the way around. While he was strategizing his options, the four people that were sitting around him just went and got the money.

Yea but who wants money from Canadaland? :rolleyes:

I used to live near St. Catherines, I love Canada

If he sits there too long, the bottle will start talking to him.

That will be one friend.

I hear you can only buy metric parts with Canadian money anyway…:eek:

Yup, I agree, who wants funny canadian moneyz.

Seriously, Im sure Karthik has at least one friend… he is little, and green, and floats around a lot trying to discover more about humans, we just can’t see him because we don’t believe he is real.

Although a dollar had nothing to do with it, at one point, Karthik did attempt to pass through the gaps in the bleachers. He failed.

Karthik yelling: You guys are mean!


Ahem…perhaps you meant to post…Karthik yelling :slight_smile:

Yeah, right! That is like saying water can’t get through a screen door.

Aww… poor Karthik. He’s so tiny nobody even realizes he’s missing.