pic: Kate Gleason 4 Scrapped Design

A week ago our team came up with 3 designs for the 2007 robot this was one of the 3 ideas we had which wasn’t lucky enough to be choosen. The idea with this one was to have something like a satillite dish that would open and close.

What was that deigned in? The render looks really stylish.

It looks like a really well done vector drawing. If that is the case, then Kate Gleason is a very talented illustrator :slight_smile:

it is a pretty sweet drawing…i want whatever program thats in

Kate Gleason isn’t a person on the team. Team 578 is sponsored by the Gleason works, who makes gear making machines, Kate Gleason was one of the founders and is also the reason that engineering at RIT is called the “Kate Gleason college of engineering”

just admiring your robot photo and was wondering, what are your two cameras going to be used for?

We had a crazy idea of putting a camera on the robot and sending a feed wirelessly to our pit area where it would be displayed on a lcd screen. We decided not to because of cost and a couple other reasons. What we will use the LCD Display in the pits at the RIT for, may be a very cool suprise depending on how much free time our programmers have after the ship day.

This artistic rendering was done in Macromedia Fireworks 2004.

Also thanks everyone for your great comments, our team appreciates it!

Very cool drawing…It looks really neat!

Gotta love Macromedia Fireworks. For vector art, its certainly worth it’s bytes in gold. :smiley: