pic: Kattywompus stack. How would you score it


This is a stack in one of the semi or final rounds. (It might have been the final final round, I can’t remember for sure)

It looks posed, but it is not. The refs took a while to figure, measure, and count and came up the the correct scoring. Chris (on the right) is the Head Ref.

What an interesting one that was in the final match of the day, I believe…we scored it very carefully…

It looks to me like only the blue tetra directly touching the goal is stacked. However, if that blue tetra out on the side of the stack was the one that caused the rest to “slinky”, then red would also get credit for three tetras and possession of the goal.

WOW final match, and if i am correct everything rested on that match!.

I think all tetras except the top blue should be counted. I would say that the stack is not “descored” as the distance looks around 6 inches from the vertex for each of the tetras. It must have been a hard call for the refrees. :ahh:

ya i was trying to cap it and it kinda stuck there on the side and then i coasted into home. didn’t realy care that it was goofy we already had 2 rows if we had it it wouldn;t have given us another.

does anyone have footage of the final 3 matches?
we do but it’s pretty shaky and only follows our bot
pls post if you do