pic: Keepin' Warm! (In the Port-o-Jon)


Let me explain…
We had to arrive at BMR at 7 am because we rode with a volunteer to and from the regional. Friday we were especially cold and so we decided to go into the depts of the port-o-potties outside because they had a heater in them. We ended up staying in there for a half hour before we realized we could hang out inside next door. Here's Kyle Love actin cool!

Someone want to explain this so I don’t have to come up with any weird conclusions?

Ok, this was Friday morning, we got to the BMR a little early and couldnt go in. It was around 35 degrees out and windy, so the only heated place we found was the porto potty’s. They were amazing. so, I looked over our chairmans award and took random pics in there.

Caption Contest #89 in 5…4…3…2…1…

“Here in the dangerous BMR bathroom I’m about to place my thumb on this little silver button, hopefully it doesn’t bite!”

i just wonder who was also there taking that pic lol

" Look Mommy, I’m a big kid now! "

now i will put this$10 bill here, let Baker in, come back and see if it is gone

wow kyle…just wow lol :stuck_out_tongue:


“The 2006 Indiana apple-bob champion ecstatic about his new world record time.”