pic: Kettering District (esp 245) in the Oakland Press (pt2)

The Oakland County Michigan teams full article in the Oakland Press (local paper)!

Congrats guys!

Look at you! Front page!

Yes, thanks guys! One of our primary mentors, Mr. Hildebrandt was interviewed yesterday. We had no idea we’d get such a huge article!

By the way, for those that haven’t seen the article, the image posted above is actually the inside article on the third page. On the front cover there’s a great picture of our drive team taken by Daniel Ernst with a caption.

Great article, and congrats on the win! As a former student of Mr. Hildebrandt’s (back when he was at RHS with 201), I always root for you guys!

You guys did amazing at Kettering, and you fully deserved that front page spot!

Although we here at Rochester don’t like saying this to our friends at Adams (:stuck_out_tongue: )… but great job!

For those of you who don’t know about Rochester and Rochester Adams, we are two sister high schools from the same city that always compete against each other. Many people who go to Adams know people at Rochester, so the competitions are even more heated.