pic: Kevin (237) gets attacked by huge cat!


I went down on the field one match on Friday as the media rep. for my team and saw this huge pic of the kitty.

Needlesss to say, we took some pics of Kevin doing some dumb stuff.

What’s a team 237 event without Kevin doing something crazy?

So, here is one of the results.

Others included him acting scared in front of it, and hugging it.

Who’s kitty was this btw?? It was hung up on the lower level of the Dome, ground level, on the field right behind Galileo.

That would be team 461’s Happy Cat. One of our seniors (Clifff) made it last year before competition. It was at the championships last year, too.


Now we can add another nickname to Kevin…Stubby!!

That’s what you get for messing with your own cats - a giant one to come attack you!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Kevin’s cats have a tendancy to be ill-tempered, so this doens’t surprise me in the least :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, our kitties arent distempered :rolleyes: haha. That is one awesome pic tho, i loved the giant cat. made me laugh every time.

Nothing can be done when big cats are more attracted to Kevin than the girls. =)

hahaha teamm 11 took a pic of our drivers standing with that cat too lol

I love Happy Cat…

ahahaha fun times!

hahaha i hope ur arm is ok kevin :ahh: :yikes:


I’ve tormented Kevin’s cats on many occasions. :wink:

I think Kevin makes a much better human player now

Oh no!!! I was told to stop everyone from making fun of the Shaw’s cats by Scott and Kevin’s Mom, or there will be no more parties at their house.
:ahh: :ahh::ahh:

Don’t make fun of the Shaw cats, until you meet them in person that is, and they hate you in real life.


I’m sure you can all still make fun of Kevin though, as we all do, and even his Mom and Dad do from time to time… re: always. :rolleyes:

Bottom line: Don’t make fun of their cats, but it’s OK to make fun of Kevin. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is all.

Snap, I didn’t realize my creation was so popular. For the record, his name is Happy Cat. Glad you guys enjoyed him.