pic: KICKER FOR 1322


Final test stage. We could not get the air out fast enough until we added three exhaust vents. Now it works great.

I might be wrong here, but…

My understanding is that the Cv of the Festo valves from previous year’s KoP exceeds the limits set in R72C

Solenoid valves. All such valves must have a maximum ⅛” NPT port diameter, and a maximum Cv of 0.32 (if non-KOP valves are used, the team will be required to provide part documentation validating that the valves meet these constraints).

I looked briefly, but was unable to find documentation on the old Festos. I’d like to be wrong, but I figure its better for me to say this and be wrong than for me to not say anything and be right =X

Looks nice, can you adjust the power of the kick on the fly?

Those valves shown are for testing ( easy to use for quick hookup) We have many valves to chouse from.

Yes we can by limiting the exhaust from any of the valves in combination.

All i see is a lot of blue. Whats your distance for the kicker? It looks pretty solid.

check this thread http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80740
it has the links showig th le old stly is still legal. Also the best benefit is they are in stock :slight_smile: unlike the 24v we got this year that won’t ship until feb. 9th according to the vendor we get our pneumatics from.

From my understanding the only thing that must be changed is the 24v instead of the 12v. everything else is still legal.

Not true you can have 12v or 24v solenoids on your robot or you can use a combination as you see fit long as u wire the bumper for the 24v and the other bumper for 12v.

Do you know where in the rules it says that. I believe you im just curious to read about it.

R 72-C

All they care about is Cv and long as u can prove it you are fine

Alright thanks very much.

Hey that’s nice to know! I like using this type best, we only have to power it one way and it’s spring loaded the other.

We have been kicking the ball around 30 feet, enough to get over two bumps.

We use them as well. The fact they are about half the cost even with the discount FESTO is giving on the 24v ones is a bonus :stuck_out_tongue: