pic: Kids and Robots

Team 237 had a demo at the Fall Festival. These two little guys were amazing. They could not get enough of the bot.

The look on their faces is priceless; it’s the look of future FIRST team members. Great job 237 in getting the word out about FIRST and inspiring these young guys. That may have been the moment that changed their lives forever and helped guide them to their future career.

Wonderful team outreach (and great photo!). I wish everyone could feel such awe and fascination with technology as these kids showed so clearly; competing in FIRST and sharing the experience helps!

It’s kids like that who make being involved in FIRST well-worth all the hardwork. Because even though they’re young, you know after they see a robot like that, they know anything is possible. :slight_smile:

Great picture, fantastic outreach.
Good job, guys!

I like his batman shirt! lol. And yah, it’s great to have kids enjoying your team’s robot. We have about 3 kids that always come to our meetings to see what’s going on. haha

This is a fantastic picture. I remember being one of those kids crowding the demonstrations. Please tell me you got their parents’ info so you could get them into JFLL??? (Kidding…only I would do that…and I have.:stuck_out_tongue: )

They look so excited…inspired may just be the right word.

Keep up the good work, 237!

It’s good to see a team outreaching to others. :cool:
I sense future FIRST participaters!!

Great FIRST picture! Cheers!

great picture, and that batman shirt rules