pic: Killer Bees 2011 Robot - Buzz XVI

Unveil video can be found here:


Love the song, love the robot as usual.

Favorite robot so far. That manipulator is just epic and efficient as hell.

WOW. That is an amazing and extremely effective design. Team 33 will go very far this year.

Another year, another great Killer Bees robot. It looks awesome and good luck this season! :slight_smile:

Good looking robot, I’m looking forward to seeing it this weekend.

Looks like another fantastic robot from the Killer Bees.

The two tube automode looks pretty sick. Is there any vision or other sensing being used or is it all dead reckoning with encoders?

Was that a 2-ubertube autonomous mode? Kudos to you guys, maybe the programmers won’t look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them to go for it…

Dead reckoning with encoders and a gyro.

wow, great robot guys! This is definitely one of my favorites so far. :smiley:

Stealin from the Foley playbook. :wink:

dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :ahh:

Looks stellar. 2949 will be watching you on the webcasts this weekend. Can’t wait to see you guys in St. Louis.

Your not =D


Great claw, the over the back feeding ability is so cool.

Another great Killer Bee robot

Everything about what I just saw was awesome. Its so very awesome.

One recommendation. I would put red tape or something around the border of the mini bot centerer plate because that can’t be easy to see from the other end of the field in the middle of a stressful match.

This video absolutely made my day. Hope you guys have another great year.

Since the filming of the video, we colored the rollers on the end yellow and the supporting poles black. Now they’re antennas!

Looking great guys, see you today at Kettering!

We had a 2 uber-tube auto planned, but there was a spin move in the sequence which cost us some time. You may have inspired us to put the concept back on the table. 15 seconds might be just enough time afterall.

I love that you can do the auto with just encoders and a gyro. Veteran programming teams ought to be able to help those without autonomous get something together during Thursday if they have the manpower to spare. What do you use as sites to line the robot up initially?

Beautiful robot. You’ve inspired us once again. :cool:

For the first tube:
The 2 minibot towers are not only a rule, but a useful alignment aid. Find something on your robot to align with the towers, and you will have a constant depth reference. Then make sure it is pointed straight up the field at the goal you are intending.

The second tube requires a bit more creativity (but not much). It does require a lot more patience and tuning. Make sure you get 1 and get it repeatably before going for 2. Never compromise 1 for 2. Doing 2 requires a partner letting you, which can be more difficult than you might think. We had a 5 ball auto last year that we were only able to use a couple times.

Just have to say, beautifully robot. Looks like we are not the only ones who can slam into the feeder station wall to get a tube without braking our arm.:smiley: