pic: Killer Bees Buzz19

This is a gorgeous bot. Congratulations on your awesome season!

Is it weird to set someone else’s robot as my phone background? O.o

Most certainly yes.

Not that it’s stopped me before.


You easily had one of the hardest shots in FIRST. How much spring force were you using, and what were you using to wind it down?

Probably one of my favorite robots I’ve seen for aerial assist . So glad I got to actually see it.

Amazing robot, loved the catching capabilities and the great feeder and shooter. I would’ve hated to go against yall on the field, great job!

My new phone background! Although Apex (118), Barrage (254) and Vador (148) will still be making there occassional appearances.

I also just noticed: I don’t think this was the final product. They had a pneumatically actuated “C” on the robot at states that settled the ball.

The hoop is actually down in that picture, but mostly hidden by the collector. Not sure what competition the picture was from, but I am guessign if you cross referenced 33 and Team 10, you might find what you are looking for…

This is/was a really beautiful bot, that frankly I underestiamted. I thought with the type of drive, and the low pivot shooter that it would have a horrible season. Winning 2 districts, MSC, and being a division finalist at Worlds definitely proved me wrong. Congratulations on a great season, and thank you for being a team that continues to inspire me.

Isn’t “10” more likely to represent 10 seconds of autonomous? Team 10 hasn’t competed in years . . .

True, but i am fairly certain they were anounced at a recent event…:smiley:

I notice you have right angle push to connect fittings coming out of the black tanks. http://puu.sh/8Myxg.png

Where did you get them?

Right angle elbows:
Mcmaster_Carr>Push-to-Connect Tube Fittings for Air>90° Elbow Adapters, Tube Stem-to-Tube> PN 5779K685

The catapult has 6 Steel Extension springs. It has a lead screw adjustment on the spring deck which can adjust the spring draw about 5". Total spring force at max draw is about 1000 lbs. Overkill? probably: Awesome? Definitely.
We found that harder was better for shot repeatability.
At full force, it can throw the entire length of the field. We have software presets for all of the different shots we developed so we can change it on the fly instantly.

Later in the season, we were using a shorter shot than we started with, mainly due to the fact that 3 assist cycles were a bit rare at the beginning of the season, but very common at the end. A shorter shot is better suited to a 3 assist strategy.

http://youtu.be/1-oWAS9_Rl4 copied to youtube

We will post some CAD models of this design in the future. We still need to clean them up a bit.


Oh, because awesome. Fantastic machine.


We’re hoping to welcome them back next year. Unfortunately registration didn’t work out this year for them, but it’s an ongoing effort :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to share the motor gearing and lead screw type (Multi-start? Single start? Diameter? Etc.) for this setup? I encouraged my team in this direction this year and they abandoned it after what I had deemed not enough prototyping. Alas.

To adjust the spring tension on our catapult we have a CIM with a 5:1 VersaPlanetary Gearbox. The lead screw is attached to the output of this gearbox with a shaftcoupling. We use a 10TPI single lead Acme Screw. We have a moving carrier block driven by the leadscrew which adjusts a lever arm (green). The carrier has 10" of travel. The upper 4 springs are suspended from a pivot on this lever arm (red). The lower 2 springs have fixed rear mounts and are not dynamically adjustable. We measure the position of the carrier block with a 12" string Potentiometer. THis allows us to adjust the shot from 10’ to 50’. This setup has served us very well.

Fantastic and elegant, thank you!

You guys were for sure my favorite team to play with/against in quals and elims! Made the match a lot more interesting! Beautiful bot!