pic: Killer Foodworld

Apparently the Killer Bees are taking over Foodworld… :ahh:

Anybody want to own up to this piece of art? :smiley:


I think I saw the little Bees antennas on every sign at the competition. It was hilarious walking around and those antenna on things. The sign on the way into the pits had pictures of kids, each with two antenna attached to the top of their head. The Killer Bees have one of the most recognizable teams in FIRST and it is great to see them out and around the venue having fun.

Ya, we had the Killer Bees put some antenna on our mascot’s massive safety glasses (The ever happy skunk if you saw her prancing around)

No matter where I looked, there where little antenna sticking out of everything…

I think I even saw a pair of those taped to a sign just outside the CNN building! Thought that was pretty funny. :smiley:

The Bees that were putting up the antenna everywhere were our mentors!! haha it was really funny to see them EVERYWHERE

I put antennae on one of the blow up guys outside at the Georgiadome. It was awesome to see him blow around with antennae waving wildly. And my friend and I put those antennae ont he sign outside CNN. You did see that. We think it is a great way to “bee” more recognizable on the national stage. And its hilarious to think of new ideas. For Say: kids were putting up antennae too. Our team gets great joy from seeing our antennae on other teams from across the world and all around the competition. Other people wanted our shirts and hats badly, too. To the point where I had to track down someone who had stolen my hat and was wearing it on Thursday. Not cool. But I might have traded it if he had asked…

That was me… Lorianne Zondag. Thats MRS Zondag for most of you.

My favorite was putting bee antennae on pictures of Christopher Walken. He’s one of our biggest fans you know…

Yea, last year we were alliance partners in the Newton Division, boy oh boy, there were hundred of bee stuff all over the place in the stands. Every Fondy Fire member practically had a headset of them!! Actually, I still have a set of bee headsets in my closet!!! Really cool robotic theme.

the antenna are a really easy give away and we love to see them everywhere. people like them and even i smile when i see them all over the place. thanks for noticing!