pic: KING-TeC 2008

KING-TeC – Team 2169 hurdling a ball at the Wisconsin regional

Nice one Peter! That’d be really cool for the “recruiting” video, if we could make one of these each year.

Haha, thanks…
If I could get a hold of any footage of our matches or the competition in general I could make a pretty sweet video =P

Looks like a good robot. How did you guys do in your competition?

Very nice picture of a very nice robot.

Great job, guys!

You guys were pretty solid at Wisconsin. I’ll be rooting for you at Minnesota.

Peter, it’s really easy to get footage.

You simply call Zeke, and when he picks up, you say,

and ta-da! Instant footage-having-ness.

We placed second.:smiley:

Knew it would do good. You guys going to Atlanta? Loved to have the chance to be on the same field.

Looks like 2264 will have some competition at MN regional. :slight_smile:


Dang, look at that robot! (;