pic: KING TeC Drivetrain Prototype

This is the drive train that KING TeC started designing over the summer, and has been getting it machined and built recently. Progress is being made!

What’s your plan for mounting bumpers?

This looks great!!! I’m also curious about bumper placement though.

Planning on making a hexagonal/octagonal chassis? The center output shaft looks like its meant to have a wide wheel on it.

How did you curve those improvised gearbox covers? Did you heat them or just bend them?

The WCP transmission comes with an extra long shaft. It probably just wasn’t cut down, I don’t think the hole for the retaining bolt goes that deep into the shaft.

Ahhh, thanks. That makes more sense.

We made pretty much identical gearbox covers last year. Polycarbonate that thin bends very very easily.

I also have concerns about meeting bumper rules:

ROBOTS are required to use BUMPERS to protect all outside corners of the FRAME PERIMETER. For adequate protection, at least 8 in. of BUMPER must be placed on each side of each outside corner

BUMPERS must be supported by the structure/frame of the ROBOT (see Figure 4-10). To be considered supported, a minimum of ½ in. at each end of the BUMPER must be backed by the FRAME PERIMETER.

You could possibly mount a plate on your corners to meet these rules…

I’m sure they have a plan for the bumpers (besides, per the rules they can’t use this for the competition this year, merely as practice/training/experimenting)… KING TeC is a rather experienced team here in MN, and they know if they show up in Duluth with bumper problems I’ll roast them over the coals and eat their robot for breakfast :smiley:

In regards to bumpers: We have no plans to mount bumpers on this prototype. We have, however, thought of ways we would mount them to the chassis. I stole this pic from a recent post (credit to Team 2451.) We would do something similar to what is depicted, using spring loaded latches to attach the bumpers. (Assuming the 2015 game allows for such a design.)

We will try our best to show up without bumper problems, we dislike both third degree burns and digested robots :smiley:

Please note that that picture does have an issue in the corners - you need a frame member that is actually in the corner, otherwise your frame perimeter would be wrapping around the front and back wheels, which isn’t allowed. Structural standoffs between the wheels isn’t the issue, it’s what to do in the corners!

I think I get it. I drew out what I interpreted to be sure. Is my sketch accurate as to what you are saying?

Courtesy of Team 254’s website - you don’t need to exactly have it set up that way.

Well we managed to show up to gitchi gummi this summer without bumpers. Here is a picture of John Stratis eating our robot. https://i.imgur.com/van7fer.jpg