pic: KitBot 4 CIM 2 Wheel Drive Chasis: Side


Most excellent photos and nice job putting this the KOP chassis together.
All the pictures should be helpful to all the rookies and vets out
there who want to assemble a test robot ASAP for testing
autonomous and sensors.
Again NICE job.
BTW- how many hours of work and how many people did it take?

Rich -

We had the easy job of the assembly for the video - the real champs here are the team of FIRST volunteers (some requested to remain anonymous - very GP), Innovation First Folks, Woodie & the FIRST engineering team who did the design, manufacturing and logistics work over the summer.

As for time - the transmissions can go together in 20 minutes. The frame itself can be just as quick as long as you have multiple hands with multiple tools (the 72 screws is a lot of twisting for one set of hands). The wheel hubs are another 20 minute job, followed by a 10 minute installation. Add the chain and you’re set. As for wiring - an experienced person with the right tools can knock it out in an afternoon.

All in all great fun!

Cheers - Vince

I’d like to hear some input from teams who have assembled and tested the kit drive system as to how well it works, stresswise, speedwise, etc.
Also, I saw some weight estimations, but has anyone weighed in the drivable kit drive system? Its estimated (roughly) around 40lbs or less, though I think that excludes the battery.
Wonderful job, by the way! Kudos to everyone!

The plate that goes over the top of the two transmissions didn’t come in the kit, did it?

Yes, it did.

Great job assembling this so soon. We hope to get working on the chassis this weekend, but we’ll be doing a bit of customizing. :yikes:

Where can we find the video for the assembly of the kitbot? Thank you for your assistance.

Team 2445