pic: Kitbot on Platform - Narrow Dimension

So you think you want to climb the platform? Check this out. This standard kitbot robot is situated along the 32" platform dimension, parallel to the tunnel. This is a closeup to show just how close those 8" wheels are to the platform edges. Living on the edge - literally.

Bumpers are obviously not applied - conisder the 6.5" of additional length and width they will add to this robot. Consider how this large footprint might affect and/or prevent both the approach of the robot to the platform from each direction, as well as the ability of the robot to maneuver once up there. Max footprint robots are going to have an interesting time climbing on to and STAYING on this thing - especially 4WD robots.

It makes me wonder how many teams will design significantly smaller robots to take the tight dimensions of the tunnel/platform/tower into account. Those of you thinking about ramp-assist bots to help people climb, take note as well. How many of your potential customers will have robots sized properly to not only climb you, but also to avoid falling off the platform and to avoid interfering with hanging partner robots when they are up there?