pic: Kitty Of Parts strikes again!

My cat looooves SolidWorks almost as much as I do.

I put a call out to a few friends for a caption for this picture, and one of my friends came back with:
“It aint Solid but it Works… as a paperweight!!”


Good stuff.

[lolspeak]kitteh dreams of footure as enginear [/lolspeak]

We must continue this trend of lolcats and robotics pairing up. Chief Lolphi anyone?

I would use it, but I ate the mouse

Where did you get all those copies of Solidworks??

CAD kitteh sais:

SolidWorks graciously donated a bunch of SW 2007 Student Edition CDs to students at this year’s Beantown Blitz off-season competition.
At the end of the day when I was leaving after volunteering all day, there was still a whole unopened case, & I snagged a few copies for some of the students back home on my team.*

*Which reminds me, I still have to give them their copies. lol :eek: :cool:

me eet leperd, now me sleep on his furrrrrrrr.

Somebody should submit a caption to icanhascheezburger…

I knew I should have never tried to apply a Mate to the lolcat!

Coincident: lolcat to SolidWorks


What a SolidWorks Cat! Marie