pic: Koko Ed is my homeboy!

Our coach Henry made PJ this t-shirt for his birthday.
It gets the thumbs up from me.

I so wish I had that shirt. I can already see that being turned into a future button to be given out at FLR and Ruckus.

nice shirt man!

Maybe i should get one and wear it so i can pwn ed at laser quest with it on. just like last time i wore a white shirt at laser quest…

Twinkletoes is still undefeated…

Good news guys!
The X-Cats are planning on selling the shirts as a fundraiser!
So who wants one?

A bit self-inflated there, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

jk jk

Sign me up for one.


Funny, I thought Liz beat you last time:P

Great idea for a fundraiser! I’ll buy one.

The guy who programmed the names in mispselled twinkletoes… so on a technicality, but still the truth, twinkletoes is still undefeated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do it! Do it!! :smiley:

I want one!

Yep, i’d get one

Can you say caption contest?

Very Nice Ed. What would the fundraiser be for?

General team funds.

Dibs. I do hope this won’t be the Greg Needel pin incident all over again. :yikes:

oh please please make this into a button, then everyone from now until the ruckus harass him to get them signed.

But it’s nothing compared to we have planned for you, Greg.http://smilies.vidahost.com/contrib/ruinkai/evilgrinblack.gif

At least, he won’t be going to his mom and cry because I got a pin. =)

Ask and ye shall recieve!

koko ed pin.jpg

koko ed pin.jpg

I will be at Midwest this Saturday. Anybody who wishes to order a shirt can come see me and I will take your order for a shirt. Cynette and Dan (Hiteak) will be in New Jersey and will be taking orders for shirts there.

Oops! Dan will be in NJ, but I’ll be in Oklahoma and Philly before the season is done. PM me if you want some details on getting your own Koko Ed shirt! The goal is to have them ready for distribution in Atlanta!