pic: Koko Ed Shuttle Launch WAI

This is me at the night launch of the space shuttle taken by Barry Bonzack. There sure was an awful lot of waiting before and after for a few seconds of action.
But it was worth it!

Odd, what is your shadow being cast upon? Are you standing in front of a backdrop or what? :confused:

I’m glad you were able to enjoy it. It is one of those things everyone should experience in their lifetime.

Sorry you couldn’t make it last night and miss all the traffic at 3 in the morning.:smiley:

Thats a great picture. It really shows how much the sky lights up when a shuttle goes off. Glad you got to see it…and Barry is the perfect person to see it with!

I am sooooooo jealous!

I’m jealous as well, the launch was supposed to be on thursday :frowning: I was supposed to be able to go watch it but I planned my trip around my sisters senior play and couldn’t drive up 3 hours to only drive back 3 hours 2 hours later and 3 hours back up 13 hours after that… if anyone could follow it.

Glad the out of towners got to see it tho!

TOTALY AWWWWWWWWSOME !!! Your lucky you got to see one and even better a night launch. I missed the last one by one day .

That picture turned out better than I expected. Post the other one (as an attachment) without you in it that I didn’t overexpose, I’d love to have it.

We got there at about 12:30. Shuttle went off at 2:30. It was above cloud cover after 6 seconds. Stuck in traffic for an hour, took another 45 minutes to get home from the back roads. Finally fell asleep about 5:00ish.

6 Seconds is well worth it.

wow:eek: … THAT IS SOOOOO COOL ED!!!

Nice photography Bonzack!

I hope I can see one of these in my lifetime!

I’m glad to see that you are enjoying the Sunshine State, after that lovely snow storm up at FLR. It was nice meeting you at FLR! Congrats to 191 and their alliance on a great win!

What a way to spend your time in Florida. Also, nice escape from the weather at FLR.

I have some photos I can attach later, I wasn’t with you guys (obviously…) but I wish you would of told me something :stuck_out_tongue:

Drive for me was 10 minutes, played some Frisbee, tracked the launch from an iPhone, took pictures, waited for people to leave beach, 10 minutes back to campus =].

Is this the one you’re talking about?



I think Barry meant these pictures!

Dan and Barry -
I remember standing out in Wendymom’s front yard last year watching a rocket take to the sky and leave its stream of light for what seemed forever. You two were standing there in the dark under the stars, talking and smiling and explaining things to me as we watched.

It is a very favorite memory. KoKo Ed, I’m so happy you got to see the shuttle take off. Barry, you continue to amaze me with the care and kindness you show your out-of-town visitors! A year from now, Ed will still be in awe from the experience.

Have fun you guys! Rock the house, Florida!

Exploding Bacon are very gracious hosts.
We are now awaiting the arrival of team 1884 The Griffins at the airport to greet them (there flight is very late) though I don’t think going “OINK! OINK! BOOM!” in the middle of an airport will go over well with security.

Are you guys doing a pigging?

Somehow OOB in airports works out. It does take some getting used to.
And don’t plan on getting - any - sleep.

Pictures like promised.

http://my.fit.edu/~mcelio/sts-123/IMG_7607.JPG about 2 seconds in

http://my.fit.edu/~mcelio/sts-123/IMG_7608.JPG it made a fake sunrise :slight_smile:

http://my.fit.edu/~mcelio/sts-123/IMG_7609.JPG I forgot to zoom :frowning: