pic: Koko Ed WAI

My old WAI is over three years old. Time for a new one. Here I am showing off the button design of our robot’s logo SphinX.

Who doesn’t know who you are Koko?

Lotsa people.

^^LIES!!! I have a strange feeling that if somebody has been involved with FIRST some time in the last decade, and has gone to several regional / championship events, they know who you are. Just come to terms with your FIRST celebrity status!

As a Nor Cal FRC guy, I have to admit that I only know you through CD.

But you know him. Even those who haven’t been to a regional and seen or met Koko know him from CD.

Last year at QCR my kids were so excited to have you at the event, many asked for your autograph.

They did? I didn’t notice. Oh man I blew off kids like some petulant celebrity. I feel so oily.

I wish I still had my red alliance robot flag from 2007 MARC signed by Ed. Sadly, it got left in the mentors car and never seen again. I bet it is proudly displayed in his house somewhere.

Lesson learn from MARC: Never make robot identifying flags out of dowels.