pic: Koko Ed WAI

I am the guru of the Moonrocks!

that’s an empty cell :rolleyes:

Hey,:wink: Don’t pick on Koko… It’s his birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Ed.

I like the big cat looking over his shoulder

Eye of the Tiger, baby. Eye of the Tiger.

That’s our banner from 1992.

My first thought:
That leopard looks real!

My second thought:
So, KokoEd, at the end of the competition season are you going to redo your WAI with a totally smashed, flattened, smithereened, and dirty Orbit ex-Ball on your head?

I think Ed looks better as a guru than he did as a Blue Man.

This pose is more in keeping with the role model that we know he is. :slight_smile:

Why wait til the end of the season? We got some like that now.

made my day

Why do I have this feeling that Ed is thinking about the animation or FF. He looks rather calm here. I think more people are going to be doing the same thing once the robot ships.

NICE ED! Not gonna lie…this picture is quite epic. Can’t wait to see you guys at Rally!

If I were thinking about Fantasy FIRST that ball would be toast.

Looks like two empty cells to me…


You are so lucky you are not doing Fantasy FIRST this year George. I might “mistakenly” delete your picks.

Of course he’s calm. It’s Anjali Mudra.
Can’t tell if he is in Vrksasana.

Namaste back to you, Ed. :wink:

And you got the cool go-t (mustache/beard) to go with it AWESOME! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I give up, which one is the empty cell?

Just skiddng Ed. Your a nice person no matter what the others say :smiley:

Must’ve been fellow participants in Fantasy FIRST.
It’s not me it’s the randomizer putting you at the bottom of the draft.

What? Wayne was participating this year? Why didn’t anyone think to tell me?

And if Ed was thinking about FF (or I was and was in that situation), that ball would be in orbit right now… Or rather, what was left of the ball…