pic: KokoEd's Castle

For those who wondered what was behind the black curtains in the middle of the dome, here is where some of the magic happens. KokoEd is in the middle directing flow, answering questions, and generally having fun with the teams. The curtains in the different sections matched the curtains of the divisions so ‘where to go’ was immediately intuitive.

One would think it would be quite loud back there since there are 8 fields’ worth of action going on. Yet since all of the audio speakers pointed outward it was generally just a low dull hum, and kind of peaceful.

Yeah, peaceful.

Like being in the eye of a hurricane.

The flow was all over the place this year. The volunteers were awesome as usual getting teams to where they needed to be.

Like a maestro conducting a symphony.

From the Catwalk

Just for you Ed, since you’ll never come up here. Meow.

Both pictures were really cool, thanks for posting some of the Behind the Castle pictures for those of us that didn’t make it there.

Organized [strike]Chaos[/strike] Organization. Koko Ed should be an Air Traffic Controller or something.

Literally the king of the Queue

I personally thought the flow of traffic was a whole lot better than last year. But yes the volunteers were awesome as usual.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: you are INSANE for going up there Peter! Didn’t that story I tell you about the worker who fell off resonate at all with you?

I wanted a rotating Iron Throne but they couldn’t find one laying around so they gave me and Dave a stage instead.

I thought it was just a story that you made up to affirm your own fears.

To see the value of this “daring” exposition, 2016 FRC CMP Playlist
Also, check out: Daniel Ernst Photography Don’t know when his CMP photos will be up, but his work in Michigan is extraordinary.
We also had media from FIRST Canada, Indiana, PNW, and NBC Comcast up there.

All in all, it’s a great tradition dating back to the Georgia Dome. One of these days Ed, you will feel something on your head, and wonder; “Where did that come from?”

BTW, when is your post about the positives and negatives coming out?