pic: Kressly Being Camera Shy

Kressly didn’t feel like having his picture taken, so he gave the classic “No Comment” pose. Luckily I snapped his picture just in time.

I’ve never seen someone keep a pen clipped to their turtle neck.

This is quite a fashion statement by Rich… setting the style for all geeks!



True, but it’s one step forward since he kept a post-it note on his forehead. :slight_smile:

This must have been on Saturday after Rich has been awake and moving around the venue at mock 4 for 3 days. :slight_smile: Great Job keeping Philly running as smooth as it did.

Oh oh! Pick me! Pick me! At work, when I’m not wearing my name-tag, I keep my pen clipped to my collar. However, Rich has proven he is an innovator, not an imitator and has clipped it INSIDE his TURTLENECK. I see the need for a neck-protector now.

I dunno. The more I look at this picture, the more unsure I am about this being a case of “Kressly being shy of the camera” and the more I am thinking that this is possibly a case of “the camera being scared of Kressly.”

The answer is simple: people get all crazy when they have to endure three days of wearing the radio headset. Kressly apparently expresses this through camera abuse. :wink:

Or, to quote Mike Mullinax, who for the first time had to wear a radio at an FRC event: “I promise, I will no longer tease you for having to wear this thing. Ever.”

He looks either really tired, or really camera shy.

My vote = really tired.
It must be that Mach 4 thing that Kyle was talking about.

You rock Rich!


I think this picture was on Friday… Kressly had just been talking to us in our pit, and he was trying to escape back to doing his FIRST related duties when I followed him to take a picture. This wasn’t the first time, and with a 3 GB to use for the day, wasn’t going to be the last…

He tried to block the shot, but as you can see, he was unsuccessful in his mission. Still, Kressly did a fantastic job keeping things together at philly, plus taking some time out of his busy schedule to check up on his team. Even though he can look like a bit of a goof sometimes

I think someone needs to tell Rich he makes a terrible mime. :wink:

Notes to self…

Talk to IFI about ‘special intermittent signal’ for 222 in 2008 :wink:

With a kitchen mixer for a comb, Lavery thinks I scare cameras?

Thank goodness Ira is graduating. 1712 will be invoking a new ‘no still shots of anyone over the age of 39’ in 2008.

Baker obviously knows gearboxes, but fashion statements from ‘Mulletboy’??? hahahahahahaha

Send Zollman to the Arctic circle for ‘specialized software internship’ for the entire 2007-08 school year.

Come on Kressly, you know you want me to get some good (and potentionally embarrassing) shots of everyone at the Championships. Remember, I got over 850 pictures I can take in a day, and I’ll be looking forward to using every one of them.

Do I get free food?

All the popsicles you want.